Early Video Works

These video works use ritualized performance, finite gestures, dueling and duality to explore power relations and the body. In Electric at the Cosmic Age Lodge (2005) safety-orange spandex clad body-doubles wrestle through outer- and interior space. In Loss in Exchange (2005) two bodies are folded into one through the equilibrium of exchanging a sweatshirt. And in Thumb War (2004) slowed and macro focused footage abstract a game of thumb war, in which opposable maneuvers accompanied by the drawl of the audio appear like figures or large animals engaged in a dance of domination.


Electric at the Cosmic Age Lodge, 2005
SD Video, 02:52 Min
Performers: A.K. Burns & K8 Hardy
Audio: Matt Volla


Loss in Exchange, 2005
SD Video, 01:32 min
Performers: A.K. Burns & Ulrike Muller


Thumb War, 2004
SD Video, 03:31 Min
Performers: A.K. Burns & Lanka Tattersall