Scripting a Smeary Spot by A.K. Burns and Melissa Ragain

She Was Warned: An Interview with A.K. Burns by Lucy Kim and Sarah Montross / Big Red & Shiny

If the Future were Now, interview by Lauren Cornell / Mousse 50

Transformation and Becomings: An Interview with A.K. Burns/ Art in America

Legacy Russell interviews A.K. Burns / BOMBLOG

A.K. Burns in conversation with k.r.m. mooney / n/a gallery

Challenging the sexual norm with A.K. Burns / DAZED

Community Action Center interview by Lauren Cornell / Little Joe

A.K. Burns & Alexandro Segade / Shifter 20

Reading the Liminal / Velvet Park

Community Action Interaction / DIS Magazine

Riding the Wet, Wet Wave / NOMOREPOTLUCKS

A short Q&A for AJAR at Reverse Gallery

What’s Past is Prologue, Hessel Museum



A Different Kind of Order, published by The International Center of Photography for The ICP Triennial 2013, an exhibition organized by Kristen Lubben, Christopher Phillips, Carol Squiers, and Joanna Lehan.


Some videos:

An interview for the ICP Triennial

An artist lecture at SVA, NY

Interview with A.K. Burns & A.L. Steiner at Central Trak, Dallas, TX

Speech from A riot is the language of the unheard: an exercise in unrestrained speech, at Cooper Union, NY



A.K. Burns: Shabby but Thriving / The New Yorker

A.K. Burns Callicoon Fine Arts and New Museum / Frieze

A.K. Burns New Museum/Callicoon Fine Arts / ARTFORUM

A Spectacle of Language: the Referential Movement + Known Unknowns of A.K. Burns’ Fault Lines / AQNB

In Search of a Body: A.K. Burns’ Ode to Endurance / ArtSlant

Critics’ Picks: A.K. Burns at Callicoon Fine Arts / ARTFORUM

Fall Variations: Shows by Women Artists / Shifting Connections

The Lookout: A.K. Burns at Callicoon Fine Arts / Art in America

Unabashed Love / Shifting Conversations

A. K. Burns: Pregnant Patron Penny Pot / C Magazine no.14

A.K. Burns / The New Yorker

A.K. Burns: Pregnant Patron Penny Pot / Art Fag City

A.K. Burns at Callicoon / Art in America

Queer Eyes, David Velasco / ARTFORUM

A.K. Burns & A.L. Steiner: Community Action Center, Roberta Smith / The New York Times

Sex Tools: New Queer Narratives as Community Action Cinema / Afterimage, Vol 40 NO.5

A.K. Burns and A.L. Steiner Community Action Center / Springerin


Play Sex Love / Bendover

Community Action Center on the Road / ART:21

Jeff Koons and the Crisis of the Sexual Object / ARTINFO

Das hat was von Provin-Posse / TAZ

Risen-Zoff um Porno-Kunst / BILD

Tastemakers / OUT Magazine

Critic’s Pick: A.K. Burns and Katherine Hubbard / ARTFORUM

Free Your Aesthetics / ArtSlant


Press (group shows):

When it Comes to Gender, Let Confusion Reign / The New York Times

The Artists Using Gender as a Tool and a Weapon / DAZED

Detouched / Art Papers

Detouched / ARTFORUM

Double or Nothing / Metropolis M No.3

New Order: Interview with ICP Triennial Co-Curator Carol Squiers / Art in America

A Different Kind of Order: The ICP Triennial / Gallerist NY

Critic’s Notebook: Out Of Order / The New Yorker

Critics Picks: You never look at me from the place from which I see you / ARTFORUM

Critics Picks: Skin So Soft / ARTFORUM

Goings on About Town: Art “Skin So Soft” / The New Yorker