About NS

Negative Space is a cycle of four interrelated multi-media installations. Conjuring and deconstructing science fiction tropes, Negative Space builds each episode around a physical system: the sun (power), the void/land, water, and body. The worlds within each video germinate from site-specific phenomena, building allegorical structures for each installation. This cycle of works raises questions about how value is allocated, with respect to resources, environmental fragility, marginalized bodies, and their relationship to place.

As a formal term in art, “negative space” denotes the unseen matter between and around the subject. The subject is the focus of our attention, a definable entity. Thereby negative space is considered subordinate to the primacy of the subject. What is compelling about negative space is that it is unfixed, malleable and ultimately an open set of possibilities. I use this concept of negative space as a proposal for re-orientation and an analogy for generating agency within a subjugated position. The premise of the Negative Space tetralogy is to envision a radical cosmology wherein hierarchical relations permute.



SUN (POWER): A Smeary Spot, 2015

BODY: Living Room, 2017

THE VOID/LAND: Leave No Trace
A work in progress, with vinyl record and poem completed in 2016

WATER: What is Perverse is Liquid